Aug 25 2009

Episode 31: XXX-ish


542Huzzah! It’s the official celebration of Faceoff’s 30th episode (although, a week late due to technical “difficulties”). We also talk about PHP Best practices and a way to rasturbate all day long!

News and Follow-Ups


  • 16:49 – ThoughtAudio – Free public domain audio books
  • 18:37 – The Rasterbator -Make huge posters with regular images and paper
  • 23:28 – SnailMailr – Too hip for snail mail?  Let the cloud do it for you.


  • 27:58 – PHP Best Practices (Redux)
    • Turn on error reporting
    • (maybe) Try an IDE
    • Try a PHP framework
    • Don’t repeat yourself
    • Indent code for readability
    • Tier your code
    • Use the full <?php
    • Use a consistent naming convention
    • Comment comment comment
    • Develop on Linux if you can, otherwise use xamp
    • Give your script limits
    • Google Ajax libraries
    • Use Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • Know what ” and ‘ do
    • Don’t make phpinfo() public