Episode 23: David Walsh


top-logoDavid Walsh talks about Mootools and blogging, plus a follow up with the 411 on Google Voice.

News and Follow-Ups

  • 00:29 – Google Voice is here!  (Invites are going out)
    • Faceoff Google Voice number coming soon!
    • Transcriptions fairly accurate


  • 19:30 – VocabGrabber – Analyzes your writing to show you what you are REALLY writing about.
  • 25:48 – Podshifter – Speed up podcasts so you can listen faster!
  • 33:35 – ZapReader – Read faster by pasting your test in to Zap Reader.


4 Responses to “Episode 23: David Walsh”

  • Bill Says:

    You guys are scaring me with this agist Webmaster talk. What does ‘being 40′ or being named Bill have to do with your skills as a web developer man!? :-) Ok, so I am 35, and my name is Bill (I go by William in my web job) I totally get what you guys are saying about that, but as I get closer to 40 and Im still coding webpages (as a web developer, not a web master) I do wonder what age has to do with this? It might. Maybe you are less willing to learn new techniques as you age? David said a ’48 year old guy’ and then you brought it down to 40! You think you will never get older? :-)

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    Ha ha! Very fair Bill!

    What we didn’t talk about is the trend of 15-20 year old who do the same thing as these people we call “Webmasters” but call themselves “Web Developers”!!

    Trust me, my age is becoming more and more apparent as the what hair I have that isn’t falling out is quickly turning grey. I’ll pick my words more carefully in the future ;)

  • rickyh Says:

    Wow Jack and Mark this shows great. Getting David Walsh on was a stroke of genius, your numbers will sore.

    I’m firing through your back catalog of pod-casts while writing some new CSS3 animations for our new non-flash touch screen kiosk at work. As a young developer the tips are fantastic, especially the “Re-factoring Code” post on episode 21. Right then, back to work this was a massive tangent.

  • What RSS Feeds Does Mark Sanborn Read? Says:

    [...] – A Mootools evangelist and web developer. I have guest posted on David’s blog and also interviewed David on Faceoff show. CSS-Tricks – An awesome resource for CSS and general web development [...]

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