Episode 2: Favorite Webapps


Well we decided that podcasting was fun and many of our listeners enjoyed it so we continuing with the project.

Episode 2:

Topics include:

For the record Google’s “thing” that Jaiku was moving over to is the Google App Engine.

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  • HM2K Says:

    Took me a while to get Twitter too, starting to get it now… Especially now I’ve found twirl!

    Pandora isn’t available in the UK, you guys heard of Spotify?

    MindMeister is neat, but I use Dia too. MindMeister seems like it could be useful for project productivity.

    Dead services:

    Jaiku: jaiku.com

    I listen to liquid.fm (repetitive trance beats help me with concentration) or http://somafm.com/play/groovesalad (ambient tunes).

    Bring Down IE6: bringdownie6.com

    (Sorry, WordPress wouldn’t let me post too many URLs)

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