Episode 4: Bloggin’ for the Boss



In episode four we talk about web typography for different OS’s, the web applications Doodle, Snipt and pastebin, plus some discussion about CSS3, prepared MySQL statements, Adobe Air, and using blogs and wikis in the workplace.




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  • Nick Sergeant Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the Snipt.net love!

    It’s not entirely obvious, but you can actually send along a private URL. In your list of Snipts, if a Snipt is not public, the permalink (the little blue ∞ sign) will contain a hashed key in the URL to allow private access to the snipt by anyone.

    Thanks again!

    Nick @ Lion Burger (creators of Snipt)

  • Faceoff Staff Says:

    Nice, we will mention that feature in our next show. :)

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    Nice! We’ll be sure to put that in our Eratta section next podcast. Thanks again for an awesome product Lion Burger!

  • Rob Says:

    Good show! I liked hearing about the problem areas you ran into when implementing blogs and wikis. Anybody that has attempted or witnessed attempts to get these technologies up and running in a business understands exactly the issues you discussed.

    On a side note, I just noticed Mike Tyson designed your WordPress Theme!

  • Ross Says:

    Good listen, kinda got rambling towards the end.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    @Rob: Yeah it can be a real pain, but once you get it implemented and going hopefully everyone at every level of your organization can appriciate how useful they are.

    @Ross: yeah sorry. This was the tail end of a 6+ hour recording/prep sprint. I think you will find Episode 5 much better. I’m really excited and can’t wait to release it.

  • Tyghe Says:

    Making people use technology is hard at work, even in a frigging place that is suppose to support technology.

    Go go blogs @ work.

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