Episode 12: S3, Flex, and Django


780548python-logoThis week the Faceoff boys talk about Amazon’s Simple Storage Service, Adobe Flex, and the Python web framework Django.

News and Follow-Ups


  • 13:41 – Moo.com – Color front and back business cards
    • 16:44 – Colourlovers – Integrated color selection for Moo.com
  • 21:14 – 3 Buck Bites – Food under three dollars.  Cheap food in the nude?


  • 27:06 – Amazon S3 – Online scalable storage solution for anyone
  • 37:40 – Flex – Scripting language for Flash
  • 46:41 – Django – Python MVC framework
    • Google making Python fast as an Unladen Swallow
    • Vim – Automatically detects and tabs properly in Python

3 Responses to “Episode 12: S3, Flex, and Django”

  • Jeffry Houser Says:

    Random comments while I’m listening to the Flex piece from this episode:

    Flex is a way for programmers to create Flash Applications. It is an UI Framework with a lot of interface pieces as part of the application interface.

    The Flex compiler does indeed turn your ActionScript3 and MXML code into a SWF.

    Flash Professional is focused on the animation / creative side, as you mentioned like HomeStarRunner.

    Flash Player 9 introduced ActionScript 3 which made ActionScript an ECMA Compliant language.

    I’d love to come on and talk about it if you want.

  • Paul Says:

    Python only requires an “extra” newline after a function or class in the interactive interpreter.

  • Brian Jain Says:

    Thanks for this post. I am new at python and this was a big help.

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