Episode 14: The Great Debate


2806968273_fb06030deaDell adds encrypted hard drives, stream your 3D games, and we faceoff over a problogger list.

News and Follow-Ups


  • 08:02 – Procaster – One click broadcasting for 3D apps, like games
  • 13:33 – Road Sharing – Find other commuters in your area
  • 17:08 – Tipjoy – Lowering the barriers to giving money
    • Should a business model rely on twitter?
  • 26:43 – DoInk – Create animated videos


  • 33:59 – Web Topics Debate on Problogger
    • Full feeds vs Partial
    • Comments vs No comments
    • Post frequency
    • Domain names
    • Hosted or Self-hosted
    • Titles
    • Linked Content
    • Social 1media vs Own our Content
    • Niche or Broad topics
    • Dating posts
    • Writing for SEO vs Human
    • Getting personal

2 Responses to “Episode 14: The Great Debate”

  • Ivan Kirigin Says:

    Hi, it’s Ivan from Tipjoy. Thanks for talking about us :-D

    You mentioned security around Tipjoy. The biggest hole, like with most web apps, is phishing your password. That’s a human problem, so it’s hard to detect. But not only do we heavily audit the process of moving money from your Tipjoy account to a bank account, but we also focus on micropayments, making large scale fraud easier to detect.

    The talk about Twitter business models was interesting too.

    On the one hand, I agree that any single point of failure is bad, but on the other, twitter is growing 100% monthly. TwitPic has a million users and is piggy backing on Twitter’s growth.

    That said, we have plans to open our APIs to other social networks, e.g. facebook connect and open social. So we get the benefits of Twitter’s growth, without relying fully on them.


    I love doink

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    Thanks Ivan! Sounds great that you guys are moving to other social networks. While I agree that twitter is pretty solid, I’m just personally sqeemish about picking your single one pony, adding other social networks and whatnot completely relieves my squeemishness!

    Thanks for commenting!

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