Episode 16: Green To The Selenium Scene


big-logoThe Faceoff boys welcome Eric Wendelin to talk about selenium, as well as some essential tools for developers and tools to start up your side business.



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  • Talking Selenium on Faceoff | Eric Wendelin's Blog Says:

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  • Eric Wendelin Says:

    Dead on about needing an accountant for small business stuff. People really, really get it wrong usually.

  • Patrick Reagan Says:

    Thanks for the coverage of FeedStitch, guys. I think you really hit on the driving need for why we originally created the application when you mentioned stitching together a bunch of Linux-related Twitter search feeds. Sharing that information with others is much easier when you have a single source to pull from.

    While the main benefit to users is the sharing of the aggregated feed (via HTML / RSS / JSON), you can still see the list of feeds that make up the aggregate. It’s not really obvious, but you can find the list at the bottom of a group page.

    If you have any suggestions for additional features, send them our way.

  • Mark Sanborn Says:


    Thanks for your comment. I am glad we were able to provide a fair review of the awesome service, FeedStich. We will do a follow up and let our listeners know they can feeds that make up the aggregated feed.

    Once again, love the service.


  • Dave Says:

    Thanks for the info!

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    Episode 16: Green To The Selenium Scene | Faceoff Show

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