Episode 20: Blogging Mistakes



This week the Faceoff boys talk about the guys at LessEverything and go through some big blogging mistakes.

News and Follow-Ups

  • 00:36 – Clicktale – Watch video and heat maps of users on your site
    • 100 free recordings each week


  • 08:50 – Files over Miles – Peer to peer file transfer through your current browser
  • 13:56 – LessEverything – Awesome apps from the makers of LessAccounting
    • LessProjects
    • LessTime Spent
    • LessMemories
    • LessFriends


  • 25:07 – 21 Blogging Mistakes – Find out what the faceoff boys think about ProBlogger’s 21 Blogging Mistakes

2 Responses to “Episode 20: Blogging Mistakes”

  • AstroTurf Says:

    Clicktale is a great tool, but another one you should check out is Loop11 (www.loop11.com). This one allows you to conduct online, unmoderated user testing. Brilliant if you can’t afford a professional usability consultant or don’t have the time to run sessions yourself.

  • Taylor Marek Says:

    Awesome show guys, I certainly enjoyed listening. I was referred by Darren Rowse, from one of his tweets.

    I see you enjoy Clicktale alot, I know I do. I talked about them when they first came out (that was all the way back in beta). Love the improvements they have made, and the statistics they provide are unlike any other stat tracking system on the planet.

    Keep it up! :)

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