Episode 24: Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur


argumentCheck your credit score and sure-fire steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


  • 00:37 – CreditKarma - Free credit scores that don’t hurt your credit score.
  • 15:38 – Su.pr – Stumbleupon bring itself into the URL shortener/analytics business.
    • Su.pr recommends the best time to tweet based on other submissions
  • 22:32 – Netalyzr – Analyze your internet service provider.
    • Tests and aggregates data about your ISP
    • Find out what services your ISP is blocking
    • Find out if your ISP is throttling certain packets
  • 28:09 – Knowem – Thwart social media identity theft


One Response to “Episode 24: Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur”

  • Horus Sky Says:

    Just finished listening to the podcast. I F’in hated it. =) J/k. I think the format of the show is great. Love the App list Brahhhhhhh! I think you should find a jquery person to interview since you had the guy that did mootools last week. Or maybe you can have both and they have a pissing contest on which framework is better. =D

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