Episode 36: Usability


2771314167_6cde47478eNews from Mint, a tool for grid designs, and 10 awesome usability findings.

News and Follow-Ups


  • 13:47 – ReCSS – Bookmarklet that refreshes just the css on a page. via qasim
  • 16:37 – Gridinator -http://gridin ator.com – Create website grids easily, then download them as html/css or an image! via quasim


  • 20:00 – 10 Useful usability findings
    • Labels go above the form
    • Users focus on faces
    • Quality design = credibility
    • Users scan content and scroll fast
    • Blue is the best color for links
    • White space improves comprehension
    • User testing doesn’t need to be extensive
    • Make your search boxes wide enough
    • Informative product pages help you stand out
    • Most users are blind to advertising

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