Episode 42: Ridin’ the Wave


Droids, video chat, and Google’s hottest new product.

News and Follow-Upswave2


  • 10:21 – Tinychat – Web conference with up to 12 people for free
  • 13:56 – Fill Any PDF – Upload and fill out any PDF online for free


  • 19:47 – Google Wave – Mix between email, IM and forum chat

2 Responses to “Episode 42: Ridin’ the Wave”

  • Tyghe Vallard Says:

    I just had a sweet idea for a Google Wave. If you guys could figure out how to get waves into your website and link them to your show posts then you could star a new wave for every post. Then it would post to your site in the post for your show discussing the episode which would be an awesome way to utilize Wave.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    Hmmm that would be interesting. Kind of like Disqus, outsourcing your post discussion. Great idea! We’ll have to take a peek at the api/developer crap!

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