Episode 49: Best Practices Part 2


Getting a hunch, eating late, and more software development best practices.


  • 00:37 – CES and Faceoff’s 50th Episode

Geek Tool


  • 03:32 - Hunch – Answer questions and this app will give you it’s best “hunches” at an answer.
  • 06:02 – Nocturnl – Find places to eat late at night!


  • Software Development Best Practices
    • 09:55 - Unit testing
    • 14:46 – Integration testing
    • 16:34 – One step build process
    • 19:08 – Bug tracking/database
    • 21:54 – Fixing bugs before writing new code
    • 22:36 – Development Schedule
    • 24:49 – Program specification
    • 27:08 – Hallway testing

2 Responses to “Episode 49: Best Practices Part 2”

  • Ross Says:

    My brother and I got my dad a TED* last Christmas, and a kill a watt this Christmas. Another cool thing we just got him is an energy strip that automatically shuts off when it detects nothing is actually on (based on adjustable current load).


  • Ross Says:

    Automated build testing the Apache projects use.

    As far for Bug tracking, if you’re using version control on your source, I find just using TODO:: and FIXME:: in eclipse allows all the programmers to keep track of what needs fixed, and updated. (If you don’t know, Eclipse keeps a dialog of all the TODO and FIXME tags you put in your comments).

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