Episode 54: Code Review


Code review will decrease your bugs, but is it worth the cost?

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  • 09:06 – Code Review
  • Why?
    • Memory Leaks
    • Security vulnerabilities
    • Usability (DSL)
  • Programmers tend to not like code review
    • Give your own code out for review to encourage others to do the same
    • Tempt the programmers ego by saying, “I dare you to find a fault in this code”
    • Try to convince them that code review is not personal.
  • 13:43 – Two main types
    • Formal Code Review
      • Formal Inspections catch 60% of bugs – Hewlett Packard
      • Inspections improve programmer productivity by 20% and typically decrease overall project cost – Wiegers 2002
    • Lightweight Code Review
      • Over the shoulder or “Walk-Throughs” – One developer explains his code to one of his peers, 20-40%
      • Email pass around – Automatic email when code is checked in
      • Pair Programming – Two developers working together on one computer, 40-60%
      • Tool-assisted Code review
  • 18:26 – Pair Programming (Episode 5)
    • Keys to success
      • Support pair programming with coding standards
      • Don’t let it turn in to watching
      • Don’t force pair programming of the easy stuff
      • Rotate pairs and work assignments regularly
      • Encourage pairs to match each other’s pace
      • Don’t force people who don’t get along to pair program
      • Avoid pairing people together that are new a pair programming

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