Episode 57: Refactoring Code


Refactoring your code is essential in large topics. We talk about what refactoring is and things to look for when refactoring

News/Follow-ups – 00:36

Geek Tool – 06:40

Webapps – 09:09

Topic – 15:56

  • Refactoring Code
    • What?
      • Change source code without changing the external functions/behavior
    • Why?
      • Improved readability
      • Reduced complexity
      • Improved maintainability
      • Improve extensibility
    • Things you can do
      • Break large routines into smaller sub routines
      • Look for duplicated code and reduce it to used a shared function
      • Code smells (episode 21)
      • Find old commented out code and remove it, use SCM for storing old code you might want
      • Find methods with 7+ parameters – Usually means that a new class should be created
      • Replace variables with names like x and foo – Sometimes as developers we are too busy in our train of thought to think of descriptive variable names and make something up just for the time being. ¬†Find these and change them to more descriptive ones.
      • Look for comments that tell the what and not the why
      • A severe code stench emanates when the scroll bar appears – Reduce complex ¬†nested ifs and loops
      • Look for methods for gtgtwhich you cannot understand/explain in less than 25 seconds
    • A group of unit tests are needed before refactoring
    • Getting Started with Refactoring

2 Responses to “Episode 57: Refactoring Code”

  • Brian Says:

    Pretty cool seeing the sorting algorithms visually. I had a Computer Science professor who was really into sorting and made code all of the popular sorts.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    Yeah looking at those animations reminded me that I don’t remember how to do the different sorts anymore! I should bone up.

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