Episode 68: Intro to Caching


Cache your pages to reduce latency and conserve bandwidth.

News and Follow-ups – 00:40

  • Mark sold his soul to Steve Jobs and got a Mac

Geek Tool – 07:41

Webapps – 09:58

  • PicGhost – Mass image editing via the web
  • iPadPeek – See what your sites will look like on an iPad

Topic – 14:42

  • Caching
    • What is caching?
    • Why?
      • Reduce latency
      • Reduce network traffic
    • Headers
      • Last-Modified
      • Expires
      • Cache-Control
        • no-cache
        • no-store
        • no-transform.
        • must-revalidate
        • proxy-revalidate>
        • max-age<
        • cache-extension
        • public
      • Etags
    • Don’t change files unnecessarily. ¬†For example, don’t re-upload your entire site when you only change a few files as you will have a falsely young last-modified tag.
    • Strategies
      • Set far future expire headers
    • Data caching
      • memcached – A big giant key/value memory store
    • Caching while developing
      • A word of wisdom
    • Tools

2 Responses to “Episode 68: Intro to Caching”

  • Brian Abston Says:

    Congrats on the Mac Mark. I bought my wife an iMac a couple of months ago. I love it. Great piece of hardware and I really like OSx. I want to get a MacBook Pro but am having a hard time justifying the price. May just load Ubuntu on my current laptop. It currently has Vista and it is a horrible OS.

    I also use IrfanView. It is a great tool for images.

  • Mark Sanborn Says:

    The hardware is great, and it is basically like Linux without having to troubleshoot hardware issues.

    I would definitely recommend trying Ubuntu on the laptop. Linux is great.

    I will keep you updated on my conversion to the Mac world.

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