Episode 69: CSS3


Get the skinny on CSS3.

News and Follow-ups – 00:37

  • Summer is here, go get an Arnold Palmer
  • Major site redesigns

Geek Tool – 07:19

Webapps – 13:05

  • GTmetrix – Yslow and Google Page Speed in a webapp
  • Sorteie.me – Pick a winner for you contests using twitter

Topic – 21:51

  • Borders
    • border-color
    • border-image
    • border-radius
    • box-shadow
  • Backgrounds
    • background-origin and background-clip
    • background-size
    • multiple backgrounds
  • Color
    • HSL colors
    • HSLA colors
    • RGBA colors
  • Text effects
    • text-shadow
    • text-overflow
    • word-wrap
  • User-interface
    • box-sizing
    • resize
    • outline
  • Other modules
    • media queries
    • multi-column layout
    • Web fonts
  • Selectors
  • What browsers support CSS3?

2 Responses to “Episode 69: CSS3”

  • Brian Abston Says:

    Hopefully CSS3 will make lots of improvements. I hate CSS. I usually end up loosing lots of time when working with CSS. It is very quirky and there is always some weird format issue that I have to wrestle when designing a site. Don’t get me started on the browser differences and how they render css.

    The Bamboo tablets are awesome. We have one. It works with both Windows and Mac. Don’t use it as mouse though. Just use it for drawing.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    @Brian – yes these hacks are getting out of control!

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