Episode 71: Trending Technologies


Interesting trending technologies in techniques, tools, programming languages, and platforms.

News and Follow-ups – 00:35

  • Jade moves to a new apartment and has no internet
  • Droid has tethering

Geek Tool – 09:54

Webapps – 12:14

Topic – 19:00

  • Trending Technologies
    • Techniques
      • Continuous integration
      • Evolutionary DB
      • Polyglot Programming
      • Unit testing
    • Tools
      • Visualization for business data
      • Distributed version control
      • NoSQL
      • MongoDb
      • Github
    • Languages
      • Ruby
      • Functional languages
      • Javascript as a first class language
      • C#
    • Platforms
      • IE 6 End of life
      • iPhone
      • Android
      • Cloud
    • Thoughtworks Technology Radar April 2010

3 Responses to “Episode 71: Trending Technologies”

  • Levi Says:

    +1 for C#!

  • Brian Says:

    You guys are serious about your pens. LOL!

    I wish IE would just totally go away. Spent all day trying to figure out why my jquery menu didn’t render properly in IE7. Bright side is it gave me time to catch up on podcasts. ;-)

    Don’t know if you guys have talked about this app but it rocks for cross browser testing.


    The only downside it that it doesn’t run on OSX. I am using VirtualBox to run Win 7 on my Mac and it works great in the VM.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    @Levi: yeah C# looks interesting. I develop in *nix systems and Mono seems to hardcore for me

    @Brian: LOVE pens. Can’t help it.

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