Episode 72: Podcasting 411


An inside look at faceoff production with general podcasting tips.

News and Follow-ups – 00:35

Geek Tool – 02:33

Webapps – 03:40

  • FontSquirrel @font-face generator – contvert fonts to make them work with @font-face

Podcasting – 09:10

  • Early stages
  • Finding content
  • Audio tests
  • Equipment
  • Software
  • Saving the files
  • Post production
  • General tips
    • Feedback loop
    • Learn to just roll with the goof ups
    • There is no perfect podcast
    • No messups makes for easy post
    • Leave some sort of marker for audio cuts to make post easier
    • Open tabs up ahead of time
    • Keep mic cords away from power cords/adatpers

2 Responses to “Episode 72: Podcasting 411”

  • Brian Says:

    How many hours a week total, including research, do you guys think you invest in the podcast?

  • Mark Sanborn Says:

    If we have a topic in mind it might only take an hour or two. If we have no idea what to talk about we spin in circles and find ourselves browsing the net for most of the day. :(

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