Episode 73: Accepting Money Online


Learn how to accept money online

News and Follow-ups – 00:33

  • Faceoff RSS feed goof up

Geek Tool – 01:42

Webapps – 04:33

  • ChatRide – Webcam chat with a friend via the web
  • Randomize List – Quickly randomize a list of anything
  • Accepting Money Online – 07:43

    • Google Checkout
      • Free to get started
      • If you use adwords you get a button in search results
      • One page checkout
      • Awesome fraud protection
      • ~2.9% + .30 cents per transaction
      • Really easy to hook into Google Analytics
    • Paypal
      • ~2.9% + .30 cents per transaction
    • Amazon Flexible Payments System
    • Payment Gateways and merchant accounts
      • Customer check out on your site, no redirects
      • Intermediary that is responsible for verifying the card and charging it
      • Authorize.net
      • Merchant account
      • Paypal Payments Pro
    • Programming tools

    3 Responses to “Episode 73: Accepting Money Online”

    • Tyghe Vallard Says:

      I set up a site for a guy using Virtuemart which is a mod for Joomla. It is a very easy way to put up an commerce site since all the back end for everything is already done for you and you can create your products pages using the Joomla editor.

      You can install extensions to add more payment options like Google Checkout(I think Paypal was built in)

    • Tyghe Vallard Says:

      I think the other thing to note is that if you do accept Paypal or GoogleCheckout or whatever, make sure you advertise that on your product pages or maybe somewhere common. Not just the checkout page.

      So many times I find something I want to buy on a site, but to find out if they accept paypal I need to create an account or fish around on their site to find out for sure. This little bit of hassle is usually what drives me to shop for things exclusivly on Amazon.

    • Jade Robbins Says:

      Tyghe, yeah you definitely need to make that clear, or try to integrate so that it doesn’t require logging in (I think both Paypal and Google Checkout allow that, but you have to be looking for it).

      The less logins required, the higher your conversion!

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