Episode 75: Support Request Systems


Support request systems help you help your customers. This week we talk about things to think and about and recognize before implementing one.

Geek Tool – 01:35

Webapps – 03:52

Support Request Systems – 10:24

  • Why?
    • Do monthly audits to find common problems that can be fixed to eliminate new requests
    • Find common questions and build a knowledge base
    • Quicker response with pre-made greeting and signature and even snippits of answers from common questions
    • Keeps a history of support questions for each user
  • Issue trackers vs Support request trackers
    • This is often debated
    • It is our thought that if this is a production app/product a support technician should triage the help desk tickets and submit bugs to the issue tracker only if they are actual bugs
    • Many issue tracker systems are bad support request trackers and vice versa
    • Customers are typically bad at submitting detailed bug reports or feature requests
    • Customers can inadvertently give out private information when submitting a bug report
    • Many issue tracker systems require a user to be created, this can be problematic for both the user trying to get support and also email integration
  • How do you get people to fill them out?
  • Provide them outward facing links so they can view the progress and developer/support comments on their ticket.
  • Provide email alerts so they feel like they are part of the process and have instant information about their issue.
  • Make it as frictionless as possible.
    • Make the form as easy as possible to fill out.
    • Don’t make them login if you can
    • Don’t make them sign up to anything
    • Allow them to just email it in
  • Make sure every issue goes through a support request ticket system
    • Don’t slip up and allow requests to go to another address
    • If you are doing phone support and the customer asks a question you can’t answer right away have them send in a support request
  • When things go wrong
    • Support trackers email each other
    • Customer CCs support tracker with colleagues
  • Tools
  • Wikipedia list of support trackers

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