Episode 93: Disaster Recovery


Be the hero when disaster strikes, have a disaster recovery plan.

News/Follow-Ups – 02:25

Geek Tools – 11:13

Webapps – 15:28

Disaster Recovery – 22:18

  • Analog Preparation
    • Documents should be in a secure location
      • Safety Deposit Box
      • Fire Safe
    • Keep digital scans of important documents
  • Digital Preparation
    • How fast can you get your site back up if godzilla destroys your data center?
    • What does it cost you if your site is down for 1min? 1hr? 1 day?
    • Recovery Point Objectives
      • How much data can we afford to lose?
    • Recovery Time Objectives
      • How long can we spend getting it back?
    • Backup Data
      • Full DB backups
        • mysqldump
      • 3-2-1 3 backup copies (not including original) 2 different storage media, 1 off-site
    • Test your recovery plan on production
    • Documentation of your infrastructure
      • Server configs
      • Readme
        • IP Addresses
        • Installed software
          • dpkg-get-selections >/var/backup/package_list
        • Installed plugins
    • If you store files use SAN or Amazon S3
    • Monitoring and logging
      • When did it go down?
      • Were you notified?
      • Why did it go down?

6 Responses to “Episode 93: Disaster Recovery”

  • Matt Says:

    I recommend http://www.Pingdom.com for website monitoring. The service is around $10/month and allows you to monitor 5 IP addresses.

  • Tyghe Says:

    Left front pocket: Change + Keys
    Right front pocket: Phone only(No scratches plz)
    Back right pocket: Wallet

    I can’t stand having my keys and change in same pocket. I have to carry change for the bus here and trying to get 12 baht out(10 baht coin + 2 x 1 baht coins is incredibly difficult to just pull out of your pocket when there are keys there too)
    The wallet in my back pocket doesn’t bother me, although, I have a working theory that it causes lower back pain.

    Ok, so now a question for you guys. Currently I use my Ipod Touch synced with iTunes to listen to your podcast which means I have my Nexus one + Ipod Touch. 2 devices is not awesome. I want to be like Mark and only have my phone. Which app should I use to pull podcasts? I don’t need something super fancy that does lots of podcasts since I only listen to yours, but I really want it to be easy to use and want it to do things for me. Also, it would be great if it knew only to pull when on WiFi since currently we only have 2G here.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    Tyghe, Mark uses Google Listen to get his podcasts when on the road. I’ve always used my Zune, but I get rid of the 2 device problem by keeping it in my coat\jacket pocket (or my backpack). I hear you might not need a jacket very often in Thailand though :D

  • Tyghe Says:

    Google Listen is exactly what I was looking for…well I have not fully tried it, but all the options so far are perfect.


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