Episode 102: UI Frameworks


We look at frameworks to ease your user interface design.

News/Follow-Ups – 01:16

  • Skype woes
  • Hard drive failure

Geek Tools – 07:27

Webapps – 13:41

UI Frameworks – 22:50

2 Responses to “Episode 102: UI Frameworks”

  • Philip Downer Says:

    Your cooking for geeks bit was awesome! If you’re not a “by-the-recipe” cook and enjoy learning the science behind food be sure to check out the Food Network show ‘Good Eats’.

    If finding the “best of” recipe is more your style, anything Cook’s Illustrated will point you in the right direction, too. Their cookbooks at Costco are worth every penny.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    Thanks Phil! I don’t have Food Network, but I always see great food posts with links to segments on the show. In particular I love the terracotta smoker and the “how to cook breakfast” episodes.

    Agreed, anything Cooks Illustrated is pure gold. I record and watch every episode of America’s Test Kitchen on PBS religiously!

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