Episode 105: Software Development Philosophies Part 3


Part 3 of our Software Development Philosophies BLOWOUT!

Geek Tools – 02:07

Webapps – 08:54

  • ThoughtBoxes - Simple thought organization
  • Fixr – Cost estimates and advice for home repair

Software Development Philosophies Part 3 – 18:33

  • Scrum
    • Scrum is a word from rugby (get video)
    • Daily standup meeting (timeboxed to 15min)
      • Each member:
      • What have you done since yesterday?
      • What are you planning to do today?
      • Do you have any problems preventing you from accomplishing your goal?
    • Sprint Planning meeting
      • Held every 7-30 days
      • Select what work is to be done
    • Sprint Review meeting
      • Review the work that was completed and not completed
      • Present the completed work to the stakeholders (a.k.a. “the demo”)
      • Incomplete work cannot be demonstrated
      • Four hour time limit
    • Sprint Retrospective
      • All team members reflect on the past sprint
      • Make continuous process improvements
      • Two main questions are asked in the sprint retrospective: What went well during the sprint? What could
      • be improved in the next sprint?
      • Three hour time limit
    • Basic Flow
      • Backlog -> Sprint Backlog -> Sprint (4weeks, 30days, 24hrs) -> Working Increment
    • Different from Kanban
  • Code Cowboy (yeehaw)

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