Episode 109: Online Promotion


Learn the basics of promoting your next startup, project, or business.

News and Follow/Ups – 00:43

Geek Tools – 04:55

Webapps – 07:47

  • HTTP Status – It’s useful for testing how your own scripts deal with varying responses.
  • Wireify – Turn any website into a wireframe.

Online Promotion – 12:20

  • Get a baseline, how many people are coming now? ¬†How many are signing up/purchasing?
  • Make sure you are not neglecting basic SEO
  • Comment on blogs
  • Write PR/Blog articles
    • Give away something of value for free
  • Guest blog/interview
  • Participate on niche websites
  • Set up Google alerts to keep track
  • Paid Ads
    • Google AdWords
    • Facebook Ads
    • BuySellAds
    • Private Ads

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