Episode 110: Programming Rules of Thumb Part 1


Get your thumbs ready and start learning some programming rules.

News and Follow/Ups – 01:35

  • Square troubles resolved
  • Not every system will work in every case (via Martin Fors)

Geek Tools – 08:35

Webapps – 10:54

  • Place Kitten – Kitten pictures as placeholders
  • Babble.ly – Let people call you without giving out your number

Programming Rules of Thumb – 15:43

  • General
    • Don’t solve problems that don’t exist
    • A user interface should not look like a computer program
    • A problem must be thought through before it can be solved
    • Involve users in the development process
    • Uncommented/undocumented code has no value
    • A function should do only one thing
    • The sooner you start coding a program, the longer it will take.
    • If you automate a mess, you get an automated mess.
    • Users truly don’t know what they want in a program until they use it.
    • >If all else fails, read the documentation


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