May 10 2011

Episode 120: CoffeeScript


Learn how you can write less code with CoffeeScript the Javascript compiler.

News and Follow/Ups – 00:40

  • Jade is going out of state!

Geek Tools – 03:25

Webapps – 05:06

  • Visual Event – Bookmarklet that lets you see Javascript click events assigned to elements
  • Open Signals Map – Mashup of cell providers towers and cell usage.

Full Text Search – 11:15

  • As of March 16, 2011, CoffeeScript is on GitHub’s list of most-watched projects
  • A Ruby/Python inspired language that compiles down to Readable/Lint compatible Javascript
  • CoffeeScript claims to reduce the number of lines needed to be written to 1/3 of hand written JS
  • Because CoffeeScript compiles predictably to JavaScript, programs can be written with less code (typically 1/3 fewer lines) with no effect on runtime performance.
  • Who is using it?
  • Some advantages
    • It is still compatible with Node.js, jquery, or any other framework
    • Removes noise
    • adds keywords, classes, and features like heredocs to make coding cleaner
    • It is said to be faster to code in CoffeeScript once you learn the ropes
  • Some potential downsides
    • Debugging a coffeescript script still requires you read the generated Javascript code, which can be tedious, since you haven’t actually written it yourself.
  • CoffeeScript – Compiler-for-Windows