Sep 21 2010

Episode 87: SMS in Your Apps


How do you integrate SMS in your apps? We have the answers.

News/Follow-Ups – 01:58

Geek Tools – 18:20

SMS in Your Apps – 21:03

  • What is SMS?
    • Stands for Short Message Service
    • Most widely used data application in the world with 2.4 billion active users
  • Three methods
    • Carrier email gateway (
      • Free and familiar, but have to know the carrier (and know the carriers email system)
      • Downsides
        • You can’t control what number the message comes from
        • You can’t control the replies without a server side script looking through inbox
        • Some people reported that sending large amounts of messages gets you throttled, in some cases messages were not getting delivered for 3 days.  Sending just a few per minute seems to work for most gateways
      • Ultimate lists
    • SNPP, TAP, AT Commands
    • Webapps