Nov 30 2010

Episode 97: System Administration for Web Developers


Are you a web developer looking to star being your own sysadmin? This week we give you some tips and tricks for just that.

Geek Tools – 03:05

Webapps – 06:09

System Administration for Web Developers – 12:45

  • SSH
    • Turn root login off
    • Change from default port
    • Consider using a key instead of password or key/pass combo
  • A good terminal based editor
    • For making configuration changes or emergency code edits
  • Useful stats/monitoring tools
    • free -m
    • top
    • df -h
    • du -h
  • Lamp stack
    • Know  how to update your OS
    • php.ini configuration
  • Does your app/site need to send email?
  • Apache
    • Know how to restart
    • Make sure it is set to start on server reboot
    • enable mod_rewrite
    • .htaccess
  • Most things depend on an accurate time
    • NTP
    • ntpd
  • Tools
  • Backups
  • Tips for getting started
    • Setup a development server at home using LAMP, WAMP
    • Make a VM with virtualbox or VMware