Jun 22 2010

Episode 74: Working as a Team


Our thoughts and experiences while working as a team.

Geek Tool – 00:00

Webapps – 00:00

  • Zwibbler – HTML/Javascript drawing application
  • WhatFontIs – Helps you figure out what font is in an image

Working as a Team – 00:00

  • Getting the right tools in place
  • Get everyone up to speed on the tool (git, issue tracker)
  • Use an issue tracker or some sort of tool that lets people know what is going on even when they are not in active development
  • Pair program every once and awhile – Shoot for at least once a week
  • Have a way to assign a task so developers aren’t working on the same issue
  • Once a week go through each issue and update the status and talk about any outstanding issues
  • Designate someone with veto power – Fine line
  • Limits wasted work on features that aren’t agreed upon by entire group
  • Prevents arguments before they start
  • Think about technology dont use tools that only one person of the group likes/uses
  • Make small tasks/issues to do
  • What doesn’t work
  • Tools