Episode 66: Moving Your Code


Learn to transfer files securely and effectively.

News and Follow-ups – 00:38

  • Mark steps on USB cable and just about ruins Faceoff
  • Titanpad – Etherpad resurrected

Geek Tool – 04:27

Webapps – 07:58

  • PDFcrowd – Create PDFs from HTML (URLs, Inputted html)
  • ManPacks – Subscribe to your manly essentials

Topic – 17:27

  • File Transfer
    • FTP
      • The RFC was in 1971
      • No encryption, everything is in the clear and is vulnerable to sniffing
    • FTPS
      • FTP over SSL
    • SFTP
      • SSH extension for FTP. ¬†(not just a tunnel over ssh).
    • SCP
      • RCP over SSH
    • Rsync
      • Super efficient, often used for doing amazon S3 transfers when you are paying for bandwidth by the byte.
      • Only transfers the bytes that are missing
      • Duplicity -¬†Supports rsync like efficiency on encrypted files
    • WebDAV
    • Clients
    • Workflow
      • Capistrano
        • Ruby
        • Can use any of the protocols above
      • Fabric
        • Python
        • Can use any of the protocols above
      • Version control
        • Git, HG, Subversion etc.

One Response to “Episode 66: Moving Your Code”

  • Brian Abston Says:

    Windows has an Rsync like utility called RoboCopy. Works great for transferring files between Windows boxes.

    I use it to back up files on our LAN and email me the results of the backup.

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