Episode 78: Web Deployment


Getting your application up and ready can be a pain, this week we talk about deployment strategies to ease that pain.

News/Follow-Ups – 02:25

Geek Tools – 09:26

Webapps – 12:46

Documentation – 17:48

  • Work live
  • FTPing
  • Dreamweaver
  • Rsync
  • SCM
  • One command deploy
    • Homebrew
      • BASH script using SSH
    • Capistrano
    • Vlad the Deployer
    • Fabric
    • Phing
    • Things to put in your deployment script
      • Code testing
      • Database migrations
      • Environment changes
      • DB Backup
      • Remove debug warnings and messages
      • Turn off error reporting

2 Responses to “Episode 78: Web Deployment”

  • Brian Says:

    Good episode. One thing that should be noted is FTP is NOT secure. Username and Password are transmitted in the clear. Should definitely use sftp or something similar if you are deploying on the Interwebs.

    There are lots of things about Java that are annoying but it is definitely easier to deploy in Java than say Rails. Pretty much just a click of the button. I keep an app server on my local machine for testing so I can deploy to that and test before deploying to the production server. I have used Capistrano on some websites and it is pretty cool but what I didn’t like what it was another tool that I had to learn.

  • Jade Robbins Says:

    +1, agreed. I think we did a better job highlighting that in our “Moving Your Code” episode, but we should have touched on those again :D


    Yeah tomcat deployment is pretty nice, but to use it you have to program in java ;)

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