Episode 85: Website Monitoring, Usage, and Stats


Asking the right questions about how to handle your web application is only half the battle, you need monitoring, usage, and stats to properly answer them.

News/Follow-Ups – 02:11

  • Snipt.net goes open source
  • Gmail priority inbox

Geek Tools – 12:37

Web Apps – 16:11

Website Monitoring, Usage, and Stats – 22:22

  • Usage Questions
    • Should you support IE6?
    • Should you upgrade your host/server?
    • Should you refactor code or infrastructure?
    • Should you add redirects for old links coming from other sites?
    • When should you take your site down for maintenance if you have to?
    • What features of your site are actually being used?
    • Are certain users seeing errors when they come to your site?
  • Only around 1% of users will comment or leave feedback.
  • Monitoring
    • Do you know if/when your website goes down or becomes slugish?
    • CPU
    • Memory usage
    • Uptime
    • Shopping cart working?
      • Write a selenium script
    • Performance
    • Errors and bugs
      • Email alerts
      • 404s, include referrer
  • Usage
    • What are your peak times?
    • How many concurrent users?
    • What are your most used features/pages?
    • API usage by Key, feature, time of day
    • Is your search relevant?
  • Stats

One Response to “Episode 85: Website Monitoring, Usage, and Stats”

  • Tyghe Says:

    I turned off priority inbox after ten minutes of using it. Similar to Mark, I have quite a few labels, each has a filter that applies that label. With multiple inboxes I have pretty much already created my own priority inbox.

    One of the most useful filters I made looks for key words and phrases for orders and applies an orders and tracking label because I also check tracking info every hour.

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